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You should keep your CV as concise and informative as possible. It is important to remember that this is going to be a public document which may be passed around an organisation. A good CV makes effective use of space without appearing cluttered.   

Tips for constructing a curriculum vitae:

• Keep it short and to the point
• One page is plenty to give an employer a good idea of yourself, your skills and your education. Make it relevant
• Think about the placement you are applying to and what kind of skills are they looking for?
• Make sure you highlight any talents or experience you have that may be particularly relevant to the role
• Include a Cover Letter. This is a good way to introduce yourself and makes sure that the CV gets to the right person
• Always try and find out the name of the correct person to send it to by contacting the establishment and finding out
• Make it clear. Is your CV easy to read? Using bold type, underlining headings and splitting the information into sections makes it much more user friendly

Suggested selections

Personal details: Name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address.
Personal Profile: This is a chance to give a short introduction to yourself, to highlight some of your skills and to say what you would like to do in the future.
Education/ Qualifications: This gives the employer information on you academic achievements and qualifications which are important especially if the job/s applied for have specific requirements. Ensure that dates are correct and in good chronological order.
Key Skills and Strengths: Employers like well-rounded people that have a good work/life balance and will want to hear about your interests and skills. Are you a member of a club, excellent at music or do you have a passion for dance? Have you gained certificates or awards in anything outside of school? Let them know!
Work Experience: Highlight any experience that is particularly relevant to the placement that you are applying for. Once again it is important to clearly indicate the dates of employment in good chronological order. It would be a good exercise to first draw up a draft copy and then refine the draft copy.
References: Adding a reference shows that you have impressed someone else enough for them to recommend you. A reference could be a teacher, family friend, group leader or another adult that knows you well enough to comment on you, your skills and abilities. You should not use a relative as a reference as, although they know you personally, an employer will want to know about the impression you give to people outside of your family. Note also your HR from your last job would make a great reference.

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