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Reference : QR3452
Job Title : Reel Lagging Associate
Sector Title : IT
Area : Gauteng

The Reel Lagging Associate is responsible for preparing various sizes of finished reels for shipment to the customer This requires staging the reels in the correct location order and alignment with the lagging machine as they are released from the Final Test Area The Reel Lagging Associate prepares the cable ends pulling eye grip end cap and secures the cable ends to the reel Wood lagging or flexpack is placed around the reel and nailed or banded in place The correct paperwork is attached to the reel the reel is weighed and shipping marks are stenciled on the outside The Lagging Associate completes the finished product tracking moves in SAP and the reels are moved to the shipping staging area The Lagging Associates performs additional duties and tasks as assigned by Supervisor or Manager

Key Performance Areas
Reel Preparation Prepares reels to be lagged that have passed all Final Quality testing criteria By referring to the cut/certification sheet production tracking information and if needed the Factory Order verification of questionable item the cable is cut to length an end cap pulling eye or grip is attached to the cable end The end of the cable is then attached to the reel and the reel is rolled into position at the lagging machine

Lagging Packages the finished cable reels for shipping by placing wood lagging or flexpack around the reel for protection The wood lagging is nailed and banded in place around the reel flange the flex pack is wrapped around the reel over the cable and held in place by tape/bands The paperwork is attached the reel is weighed and the weight shipping marks and any special instructions are stenciled on the outer reel flange Completes the finished product tracking moves in SAP and the reel is moved to the Shipping staging area

General Support/Miscellaneous Duties Removes lagging and repairs or places new lagging on damaged or returned reels of cable Restencils reels as needed and clears any lagging defects/problems in prep for shipment Occasionally drives a forklift to move reels to and from the Final QC/Lagging area Obtains supplies and assist with monthly inventory detail Performs Clean and Neat duties as required to maintain a safe and clean work area

Special considerations Associates work as a team with other associates and Final QC personnel Associate must have the ability to follow written and verbal instructions and make decisions without constant supervision Forklift operation and certification is required Must be constantly alert to safety concerns when operating lagging equipment table saw nail and staple guns

Key Competencies
Ability to read write and perform basic math computations and apply them in a routine manner to the job Routine operation of some specialized production equipment which relates to the job and requires training such as lagging machine table saw nail and staple gun

This is repetitive work requiring performance of a few routine tasks over and over again to set procedures and sequences Requires close attention to detail and written orders to avoid errors The associate must adhere to and achieve exact levels of performance precise set limits tolerances and standards

Incorrect reel prep stencil information or cable cutting/end preparation can cause significant material damage and delays in customer shipments Faulty packaging can cause cable damage during shipment

The Reel Lagging associate must function as a team to share the workload and they must communicate well with each other and with other associates and Supervisors in the Cable Manufacturing and Final QC departments

Machines tools equipment and other work aids which may be representative but not allinclusive of those associated with this job
Hand Tools
Fork Lift
Table Saw
Reel Skate
Nail Gun
Metal Banding Machine
Staple Gun
Lagging Machine
Pallet Jacks
Crimping Machine/Tools
Scale Computer

1 year Experience in a similar position
Matric Certificate or Equivalent
1 month of formal company training including classroom and on the job training This includes training in product tracking system metric conversions factory orders procedures job specific paperwork and certification in the installation of pulling eyes and grips
Mastery of the job usually is achieved in three months

Salary Market related based on qualifications and experience

Please forward updated resume in MS Word with your application Note if no correspondence is received within 6 weeks of your application please consider your application as unsuccessful


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